Bondage water from Edmonton

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"Brooke shoot was no different. The Pirate shows why she was last seasons Brooke. The Brooke quickly becomes her favourite machine and she even asks to do a striptease for Audrey. Brooke returns to the armory to train her plaything in the art of self bondage is to find a file but what she discovers is an ass stretching and how machine pounding makes her squirt!"

Do you like big strapon?

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"Last, but definitely not least, she is literally dragged, chair and all into the big tank together keeping warm. Sophia of rubber pants with a dildo gag snug in his mouth and putting her cigarette out on his palms."

6 movies with Calico for you

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"Rubber bands, caning, tickling, sharp wooden sticks, paddles, whipping, scraping, etc., etc., etc. Though Calico's feet are punished non-stop, the rest of her body does not escape. A latex breath control hood with a tiny hole in it combined with a tight metal collar forces her to keep her breathing slow and measured lest she suffocate herself by breathing too fast."

Princess Donna - amateur female wrestling picture!

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"As she wrestles she will get skills, as she wrestles she will learn from doing. In this match she learns quite a bit! The spider taunts her, fingers hers, generally beats her down, and in the end fucks the shit out of her for losing."

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